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For Whom the Medium Matters 4

September 13, 2019

The fourth annual event brought together local scholars, graduate students, and field-defining media theorists who build on the Toronto School tradition. These are scholars "for whom" the medium is central to their work and address "for whom" the medium comes to matter in different ways.


Working at the intersection of culture and technology, new research was shared by ​Keynotes: Rena Bivens and Avery Slater with Speakers: Ishtiaque Ahmed, Roberta Buiani, Joseph Clarke, Lauren Cramer, Cassandra Hartblay, M.E. Luka, Tanner Mirrlees, Jasmine Rault, Shirley Roburn, Joshua Synenko, Lilia Topouzova, and Jennifer Wemigwans.

for whom the medium matters

For Whom the Medium Matters III

April 27, 2018


Garnet Hertz The 2018 Maker's Bill of Rights: Reflections

on the First Decade of Maker Culture

Alessandra Renzi Media Mattering in the Milieu

Pecha Kucha:

Nicole Cohen Hustle, Cope, Organize!

Beth Coleman These Expensive, These is Red Bottoms

Sara Grimes You Know, For Kids!

Natalie Coulter Mining the authentic: superfans and microcelebrities

Steven Logan Nervous Systems

Cait McKinney AIDS Internet

McLeod Rogers City as Techno-human Sensorium: McLuhan, Tyrwhitt, Jacobs

Hélène Mialet  Bodies, Machines and Dogs: Reflection on a new kind of assemblage

Felan Parker The Intermediary is the Massage

Scott Richmond What it is like to be a turtle

Victoria Tahmasebi-Birgani Iranian women on Social Media, the Body as the Medium

Tero Karppi Facebook's Laboratory of Emotion

Phillipe Theophanidis Media: In the Mood for Modes


For Whom the Medium Matters II

April 21, 2017


Kim Sawchuk (Concordia) +

Jennifer Pybus (University of the Arts, London)


Pecha Kucha:

Alex Boutros Alt.Health/Zombies

Kenzie Burchell Affordances, Apparatus, Assemblage

Lily Cho Mass Capture + Microfilm

T.L. Cowan Transmedial Drag

Alessandro Delfanti You’re Deactivated

Gary Genosko Undisciplinable

Alex Hanna Protest Data Futures

Mark Hayward Glog, or Technophany

Ian Milligan The Infinite Archive

David Nieborg The Platform is the Message

Michael Petit The Attraction of Distraction

Lilian Radovac Outside the Box

Jasmine Rault Codes/Screens/Filters

Sarah Sharma sExit Strategies

For Whom the Medium Matters

April 16, 2016


Sarah Banet-Weiser (University of Southern California)

Radha Hegde (NYU)

Jody Berland (York University

Pecha Kucha:

Tracey Bowen Gentrifitti

Michael Darroch Detroit Windsor

Greg de Peuter Platforms for the Precariat

Mark Hayward Banking as Media Industry

Andrew Herman Cats that Look Like Kittler

Ganaele Langlois Distributed Subjectives

Patrick Keilty Desire by Design

Rhonda McEwen Tactile Interfaces

Irina D. Mihalache The Chef's Apron as Media

Judith Nicholson Smart Guns, Dumb Users?

Jeremy Packer Media's Governmental A Priori

David Phillips Against Privacy

Leslie Regan Shade Equality Matters

Elise Thorburn Carceral Infrastructures

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