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Call for Applications – Working Groups 2023/24

The Centre for Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto invites proposals for up to four interdisciplinary working groups to operate from September 2023 until April 2024 (8 months). Successful applicants will supplement our programming for the 2023/4 academic year, “How Media Count.”

Working groups will engage fundamental questions about media and mediation, drawing on McLuhan’s spirit, working in theoretical, creative, and/or historical modes—from any constellation of disciplines in the humanities and critical/qualitative social sciences.

Working groups are not expected to conform to this year’s theme, although priority will be given to groups whose work intersects, in some way, with it.

Working groups are comprised of faculty and/or graduate students from the University of Toronto (in any unit, on any campus, with any appointment status). Conveners must be University of Toronto students and/or faculty from any three campuses. Members not affiliated with the University of Toronto may be included at the discretion of the Working Group convener(s). Working groups may composed of all-faculty or all-graduate student members, although priority will be given to groups with mixed memberships.

Working Groups are expected to undertake research, scholarly, and creative exchange at the Centre not being pursued elsewhere on campus during the 8-month period. If working group endeavours are supported by other programs the working group application must make clear the intended research and outputs specific to the Centre.

This year, the Centre offers the possibility of working groups hosting a Monday Night Seminar. This is not an obligation. If the working group wishes to host a seminar, the application must include a separate MNS proposal (see below).

Each working group will receive:

  • access to the Centre’s Coach House for meetings & events

  • logistical and other assistance from the Centre’s Program & Events Coordinator

  • research assistance from the Centre’s RAs

The budget for this upcoming year’s working groups are up to $2,500. Note that there is a fixed funding envelope for all working groups; priority will be given to working groups with efficient and well-justified budgets.

To apply, please submit the following to not later than June 15, 2023:

  • a list of Working Group convener(s) and members, including brief (< 100-word) bios for each.

  • Working Group convener’s CV (one for each convener, if there is more than one)

  • an explanation of the working group’s inquiry and proposed activities, not longer than 1 page, situating the inquiry in recent scholarly work in media studies (understood broadly) and explaining the impact of the proposed activities.

  • a detailed budget proposal, including funding for any research materials, publication costs, events (excepting any proposed Monday Night Seminar—see below), or any other costs associated with the group’s research activities.

  • an estimated number of RA hours, specifying RA support activities. Note that this is separate from the proposed budget; RA hours are in-kind support from the Centre.

  • if the group wishes to host a Monday Night Seminar, please propose two potential speakers, a brief bio for each, and a paragraph for each speaker explaining how their participation in a Monday Night Seminar would benefit the Centre’s investigation of this year’s theme, “How Media Count.” Speakers may be academics, artists, or activists working in any field, normally traveling from elsewhere in North America. Note that this is also separate from the proposed budget.

Any inquiries about the working group program can be sent to

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